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Penetration testing

Penetration Testing is the Cyber Security discipline of attempting to break into software or networks of computers to see how far an attacker could get, either stealthily or noisily depending on scenario. Common types of Penetration Testing include:

  • External Penetration Testing – from the Internet trying to get inside the company’s network
  • Internal Penetration Testing – from inside the company’s network (assume breach)
  • WiFi Penetration Testing – from outside the company’s network testing the security of the WiFi at physical premesis
  • Social Engineering – Phishing campaigns to test Cyber Security Awareness
  • Web Application Penetration Testing – attacking a specific web application (on the Internet or Internal Company Network)
  • API Penetration Testing – attacking specific APIs (on the Internet or Internal Company Network)
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing – attacking mobile applications and their APIs (Android and iOS)
  • Cloud Penetration Testing – attackers trying to break into a company’s AWS, Azure, GCP

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