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About Mercury Information security services pty ltl:

Mercury is one of Australia's established, independent cyber security firms with a pragmatic focus on technical expertise and skills.  We believe that through meaningful relationships and an intersection of capability, empathy and objectivity, we can efficiently and effectively achieve cyber security needs for our clients.
Our size and structure enables us to deliver our services efficiently and effectively. Our matured, straightforward and pragmatic Australian approach to a complex domain is our point of difference. 

services offered by consultancy :
  • Information assurance INAS

  • Testing TEST

  • Network design NTDS

  • Risk management BURM

  • Quality management QUMG

  • Audit AUDT

  • Quality assurance QUAS

  • Network support NTAS

  • Penetration testing PENT

  • Information security SCTY

  • Vulnerability research VURE

  • Threat intelligence THIN

  • Security operations SCAD

  • Vulnerability assessment VUAS

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